every bottle plants 10 trees.


You make a difference in the world — even when you decide how and where to spend your money. When you do choose to do good for yourself with a purchase of doGüDs CBD THC Free or doGüDs CBD Full Flower, you also do good for the planet and people.

Why We Do Good for the Planet

One of our founders grew up near the ocean in the Northeast and moved away as he got older. Twenty years later he returned to see the beach almost gone because the water had risen so much. It was direct, personal evidence of Climate Change to him. In Miami, there are now flood warnings. Venice has more floods per year than ever before. Record setting fire outbreaks are enflamed by record setting temperatures worldwide. The personal impact of Climate Change for our founders, employees, affiliates and customers drives our mission, and we are doing our part to help. Join us. 

Why We Do Good for People

One of our founders was in line at a grocery store and the man behind him thrashed out in anger when someone looked like he was cutting in line. He quickly apologized and told the people nearby that he was just diagnosed with brain cancer and that he’s got a lot of anxiety. Everyone shared compassionate words, and the founder knew doGüDs could help, but this was not the time to sell anything.  He went to his car to get a bottle to give the man but he couldn’t find him.  This sparked our desire to create a formal program for people in need who can’t afford CBD. This is the doGüDs Donation Program. If you, or anyone you know, is in need financially, please reach out to us at happy@doguds.com . We only have so many bottles to give out each month so please be patient as we grow our business to be able to help more people.  

the planet

Everything is connected. The trees are connected to the soil and water which are connected with our food, which affects our mental and physical health.   

There is so much to be done to take better care of our planet and we want to do our part. For every bottle of CBD that we sell, we donate money to organizations that plant trees for the planet, including Trees.org, which is helping in a unique way.  Each bottle donates enough to plant ten trees. Join our goal of planting a million trees in the next 5 years.

We support other companies who are on a similar mission by promoting them and telling their stories. Here are the companies we know of that plant trees as part of their mission:

One of our founders helped create an online healthy food store with wholesale prices. Every purchase plants a tree. They offer free shipping on every order and work with healthy, sustainable brands.

An amazing search engine that plants trees with every search. They’ve planted more than 80 million trees, so far.

A super popular fashion brand that plants 10 trees with every purchase. 

A hip shoe company that plants a tree with every purchase. They call it Green Steps. We love it.

Buy One. Plant One. Strikingly beautiful customized gifts that plant a tree for every product sold.

Beautiful watches made from wood. Every watch plants a tree. Their goal is to plant 1 million trees by the end of 202O.

A California wine company that plants a tree with every bottle sold. 22 million trees planted so far.

A popular shoe company that has planted 1.8 million trees through customer purchases.

A candle company that make a positive impact. They plant 20 trees for each candle when you subscribe to their monthly candle subscription.


We do our best to help people who are financially strapped and in need of doGüDs CBD products to help them out. We have a limited supply of bottles to donate but that number is rising each month.  

Working to improve quality of life for those with anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD and co-occurring disorders. We support this organization as we face an increasing need for mental health and wellness in the United States.

They are the most innovating tree planting company because for every 400 trees planted they create forest gardens that lift families and villages out of poverty. This revolutionary non-profit creates entrepreneurs who are able to feed villages with healthy, organic foods while helping the earth fight Climate Change.