healing without the high.


Better results begin with a better product. doGüDs extracts begin with premium, sustainably raised hemp, third-party tested for safety, purity and quality. This is the good stuff. 

People come to CBD for all kinds of reasons: 

  • to relieve chronic pain without opioids 
  • to ease joint and muscle pain — including post-workout
  • to treat migraines 
  • to relieve arthritis
  • to relieve neuropathy
  • to relieve nausea
  • to reduce stress and anxiety
  • to sleep better

Research is only just beginning to prove the many promises it holds. Everyone’s experience with CBD is unique but many report feeling better when they include it in a daily regimen of self-care. As always, talk to your doctor about CBD if you’re taking medications, pregnant or breast feeding.

If you’re not getting results from a consistent use of CBD it’s most likely due to the quality of the product. Currently, you can’t sell CBD on Amazon, so what you find there is Hemp Seed Oil, which doesn’t have the CBD compound. One study found that 40% of products marketed as CBD have 0.0% CBD in them. Our founders started this company to make sure there was a trusted source of CBD for friends and family and it grew into the company you see here.

If you still have questions about CBD, you can find answers in our FAQs or visit our page on how hemp is misunderstood.