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planet earth with CBD

We must take care of this planet

That’s why doGüDs has puts a lot of thought into where our CBD oil originates from and how it comes to be the superior healing product we offer. Hemp is not only good for you, it’s good for the planet but it is very misunderstood. Patagonia as produced a great video about Hemp. Click here to watch.

Do Good on the farm

We source doGüDs from a network of small legacy CBD hemp growers in Kentucky who employ sustainable, pesticide-free growing methods designed to reduce water and energy use, as well as protect the soil, insects, wildlife — and humans. We believe in supporting small, American family farms over big ag and foreign imports. Better for the farmer, better for you, better for the planet.

Do Good in the lab

After harvesting, our hemp is immediately fresh-sealed prior to CO2 extraction to preserve nutrients. CO2 extraction is an advanced, industry-leading process for extracting a pure botanical cannabidiol from the plant without compromising hemp’s high quality. Cheaper, lesser quality hemp products are produced by exposure to high temperature (which can damage nutrients) and petroleum-based solvents (which are bad for the planet). We think you — and our environment — deserve better.

Every doGüDs bottle you buy plants 10 trees and supports the doGüDs Donation Program.